KEYS potentially a strong company -Agilent spin off

KEYS recently was spun off from its mother company Agilent. They are traditionally the leaders in electronic test and measurement business. It has been on my watch list.

The spin-off KEYS became a separate company on Nov. 1, 2014. There is no significant amount of financial data since it is new. But the fundamental business status stays the same. It is just somewhat difficult to apply the value investment rules at this point. But it may be a promising one. Any comments?


  • BTW, for those who owned Agilent stocks (A) before October this year, 1 share of KEYS stock was given for every two shares of A as shareholder's benefit. That was a hefty gain- an opportunity to own more shares. I missed that one as i was not following the story closely during that time.

    Certainly as you can imagine, the price of A did fall down after the spin-off. But it bounced back quickly closer to its original price.

    Background info- Agilent was the spin-off from HP many years ago. These companies are the stalwarts- long time leaders in their fields, just as Coke and Pepsi in soft drink industry. They are the brand names with deep moats and dominant market sharing. Now Agilent gave out all the Electronics measurement and EDA design sector to KEYS. The transition is smooth and nearly transparent to its users.

    The KEYS is not a hot chase-after stock by Wall Street yet which is very positive thing. It has the elements needed to continue to be successful. It passed my scuttlebutt check. I like to buy it but just wait to find some quantitative support.
  • By the way, they both did really well in my account looking in retrospect.
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