Event in the Dallas, Texas area

Hello all, I am new to investing and would like to know if any of you would be interested in getting together for a TIP meeting in the DFW area? Just as an opportunity to share investing experiences and build a local group to bounce ideas off of.


  • I might be interested. I don't see any established meetup.com groups so there could be a need here.
  • I'm in Dallas and would be interested.
  • I live in Texas. I could make the trip on a Weekend.

    (though a Weekend is not usually a popular option with people with familes)

    Out of curiosity, what would people envision as a list of topics for conversation, or agenda?
  • I just joined the forum and would also be interested. Time could be a constraint for me but if I were free I'd definitely show up.
  • I am in Austin. Very much new to investment, however working in Financial analysis field for a long time. Would be on-line meetup an option?
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