Has anyone used this stock screener?

I recently came across this stock screener at www.serenitystocks.com that specifically caters to the Graham/value investing methods. I am just curious what others think of it as a viable way to build a portfolio. Is it cheating to use this? I know we are supposed to do our own calculations but I can' t help but wonder why I couldn't just outsource it to this screener and then allocate a balance between defensive, enterprise, NCAV stocks.


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    Good question. Waiting to hear from the investors podcast.
  • Any updates on this?
  • This is actually the first time I heard about a stock screener. I'm interested to know about it. I've read its a valuable tool.
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    With regard to NCAV stocks you would want to verify the numbers by going to the actual annual reports as screeners often have mistakes. In addition with NCAV stocks you may need to make adjustments for off balance sheet items like underfunded pension liabilities and operating leases. In addition you ought to adjust for preference shares and minority interests as these are, in affect a liability. A screener is unlikely to account for the aforementioned.

    So I would consider a screener a place for idea generation for further investigation rather than a list of "buys". Also with NCAV stocks in the US right now I would be extra cautious because the market is particularly expensive and at these times both the number of NCAV stocks and their quality (in fundamental terms) diminishes. I think better NCAV stocks are available in Japan, HK, and Singapore at the present point in time.

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  • Hey gman,

    I remember sending you a list of possible NCAV/NNWC Japanese companies on a different forum thread. Did you end up pulling the trigger and buying a basket of net-nets?

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