Can the Intrinsic Value Calculator be used for any country and currency?

Can the Intrinsic Value Calculator, in the, be used for any country and currency since only numbers are to be entered?


  • i have a similar sort of question..i am from place of 10year federal note,what are we supposed to use in intrinsic value calculator...
  • The yield on the India 91day treasury bill ‎can be used as the risk free rate.
  • I was also wondering about what I
    would use instead of the 10 year federal note for Canadian stocks and which website would I go to?
  • Hey sol,

    These are a few sources. I am not really so sure about new issue bonds. I guess you could ask at the bank. I am with TD webbroker and they list most major bank and credit union GIC rates updated daly. Mostly I can only see secondary market debt and the bond yield's look yuck. I guess the people who are into bonds have a lot of money and just snatch them up.

    I may consider buying some debt if the rates go up and the prices come down a bit. At least investing in equity will help protect your investment from inflation over the long run.

    A money market with td .75% or savings with royal will earn you about .5% paid monthly, GIC's you can get around 1.4% annual or more depending on the length.

    Longer term rates don't look much better.

    Most Canadian banks yield at least 3.5 percent dividend. There is some risk with record level debt, housing market bubble and lot's of oil companies loans on the books. All of this has combined to make Canadian banks earnings grow nicely. Things like the Canadian mortgage housing insurance help protect the bank from bubble's it also I feel hinders any correction to overpriced housing. If you are in it for the long haul those bank dividends are a pretty liberal rate to use even with our relatively flat economy. If you are more conservative then use the treasury bill yields of around .5% or somewhere in between.
  • Ghazel, wouldnt .5 be more liberal then the 3.5%? Considering the discount rate of 3.5 will ground your intrinsic price more then .5 would?
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