NVO - Novo Nordisk - Intrinsic values completely out of whack - what am I doing wrong?

Hi guys, I am new to value investing. Thanks to Preston & Stig for this invaluable videos and websites. I am trying to figure out if NVO (Novo Nordisk) is a stock worth buying or not. This company seems to have great fundamentals with Debt to equity - 0, P/E - 17.09, Dividend yield - 3.9%, P/B - 2.06, ROIC - 78%, ROE - 79%. So couple of things - why am I getting two drastically different Intrinsic values? Second, if fundamentally the stock looks this good, why is it treading near it's low? Is this a good investment?

I am struggling to calculate intrinsic value of NVO using DCF method. I come up with average FCF - $120794.29. and Average Growth Rate 19%, short term - 5 years, discount rate - 10%, after 5th year - 1%, shares outstanding - 2,531, current price - 35.82. based on this inputs - The intrinsic value per share is $1180.11 at a 10.00% annual discount rate
Based on the cash flows you have forecasted and a market price of $35.82, this company may yield a 176.75% annual return.

This is completely out of whack with the intrinsic value I calculate using book value method which gives $29.81.

Can anyone please help me why I am getting two completely different values?
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