Berkshire Hathaway 2017

Friends, this is the location to post questions, concerns, and potential room sharing for anyone attending the 2017 Berkshire Meeting. I can't wait to see you there!


  • If anyone is interested in sharing a room or sharing an Airbnb for the shareholders meeting, Please let me know. I will be flying out of Los Angeles. email: karthick.bhaskaran at gmail dot com.
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    Hi everyone. Please please please does anyone have 2 extra credentials for me and my daughter. I bought my shares yesterday and it is most unlikely my paperwork will be through in time. I cant book flight and accommodation unless anyone can help me. I'm flying from Italy. Thank you x email: jljarvis at hotmail dot co dot uk
  • Sorted now, thanks
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    If you don't hold Berkshire stock or if you do and can't get credentials material in. Berkshire sells credentials on ebay for about $7 shipped. Follow seller BRK_b. They aren't for sale yet, but will become available probably in March or April.

    Some people other than BRK_b try to sell their credentials on ebay for $200. DO NOT BUY THOSE!

    The credentials will show you as a shareholder and no one, not even Preston, will know that you backdoored your way into the meeting.
  • Hi guys, I'm also interested in getting an airbnb with others. I'll be driving in on Friday evening from Oklahoma, and looking to stay in Muskogee until Sunday afternoon. My email is Thanks!
  • Hello everyone,

    I really look forward to this weekend, it is equally awesome every time. What I do not look forward to is all the crap jobs that must be done prior to getting there :). I'll try to grab air tickets as soon as I decided what I will do, if I only get there over the weekend or if I take the opportunity to take a week's vacation while I'm there. I travel, after all, from Sweden so it will be pretty much flying going back and forth just to be there over the weekend.

    If someone wants to share a room so I'd love it, last year I shared a room with Chris, it was perfect. Not only that it is cheaper to share, it will be more fun when you can talk about Buffett and other interesting topics, that you may not have completely in common with your family ... yet :)

    So simply, if someone has a suggestion for accommodation, please let me know.

    bye for now

  • RichS awesome note about getting credentials for the meeting on eBay. This is a great option for people that get a little scared because they haven't received anything in the mail (which usually happens). Be advised, the credentials for the meeting usually show-up kind of late. I let the group know when I receive mine - it's usually the last thing to occur. It's fun because I remember last year we probably had 30 extra credentials at the Friday night dinner.
  • Hey Everyone! First post on the forum and I am super excited about going to Omaha for my first time especially to meet everyone in the TIP community. I am in the process of booking my flight and was curious how much is going on during Friday? Is it worth coming in Thursday night or should I just make sure I am there by Friday for the TIP dinner event?

    Thanks in advance for any advice!
  • Hello Friends,
    This is my first visit and really looking forward to it.
    Just booked my Hotel and flights. I might have to leave a bit early from our Sunday lunch to catch my flight but really excited to meet you all.
  • Hi, I own some shares in BRK.B and was wondering would it be possible for me to get two credentials for me and my wife to attend? Thanks Guys.
  • Hi, I just bought my ticket to Omaha. I bought one share of brk b yesterday, do you think I will get my credentials in time?
    How do I get in touch with you guys, is there a TIP schedule?
  • Airbnb booked! and looks like there will be 5-6 of us coming in from LA, Oklahoma, and Toronto. Very excited and looking forward to meeting everyone!
  • Just purchased BRK.B on Robinhood last week. Should I contact Robinhood to request an annual report in order to get a credential?
  • YEEEEAAAAH!! Just bought my flight tickets and airbnb!!! Can't wait to meet you Preston, Stig, Hari, Calin, Toby and Wesley, and everyone from the TIP community. I have been following you for the past 8 months and I cannot believe I will have the great pleasure to meet you in person =).

    Does anyone have an extra credential? If not I'll buy one online as soon as they are available.

  • Hi Guys, from Melbourne Australia. Bought some BRK.B units last night and can't wait for May to meet you guys and attend the AGM. I'll also be attending the Value Investing Conference in the lead up...stocked to hear Mario Gabelli, Mohnish Pabrai and Shane Parrish (amongst others) talk. Cheers, Sam
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    I acted too late and couldn't get a flight and room at a good price last year so I didn't go! I learnt my lesson and booked my travels early this year. Can't wait to meet you guys in Omaha in May :)

    ** shoot me an email ( if you'd like to split a hotel room with me!
  • It will be great to meet you all. I'm from Omaha. One thing I wanted to add: on Friday afternoon at 3PM is a Value Investing Panel at Creighton University. It's free to attend, and has had major names on the panel in recent years (Bruce Greenwald, Lawrence Cunningham). The panel is followed by a free cocktail hour to socialize with guests/panelists (over 500 each year). I'll post more info as it is released.
  • Hi all, I've just booked with an Airbnb not far away from the convention center. She has a couple more rooms in her house available. Let me know if you're interested.

    Are credentials available already? Sounds like shareholder reports go out in March.
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