Frankfurt, Germany or Central Europe community


I'm curious if there are many others here near Frankfurt am Main, or in Germany overall. Or perhaps in the Central Europe region? If there are a few, we could consider having our own local events.

I'm based in Frankfurt, but the nature of the city is that it's a travel hub. So I'm happy to take the opportunity to travel to new and interesting places when the opportunity is there.

Let me know if anyone nearby is interested.

Aidan Sweeney


  • Hi Aidan,

    fantastic idea! I am located in Nuremberg and would surely be interested in a meeting in central europe.
    I took part in the recent TIP event in London - which is already much easier to reach than Omaha, USA, of course.
    But a meeting in Frankfurt or similar would be even better!


  • Hi all,

    I wanted to bring up again the idea to organise an event in Europe.
    It depends on the number/location of people or course.
    But the best idea would probably be a large airport hub in Europe - which is easy to reach for everyone.

    There was just recently the TIP event in London - this city would surely be an idea.
    Other possibilites would be Frankfurt, Amsterdam, maybe Paris.

    It would be great, if all interested people from europe could just shoot a message here - then we can continue
    the discussion, where and when to set up a meeting.


  • Hi Christoph,

    I noticed how Preston/Stig arrange and add-on event when the Berkshire meeting is on. That would be one way of doing it. If there was a good investment-related event which people might go to anyway, then having a European get-together as an add-on to it might work. Then people would have two reasons to make the trip.

    Alternatively if people share their travel plans for events and conferences in general, not necessarily investment-related, it would provide another opportunity. For example, I'll be in Bratislava in June for the Polyglot gathering, so I'd be happy to hear from any TIP fans in Bratislava.

    Occasionally I travel for conferences related to Web development and I'm interested in trying out other kinds of events, so I'm open to meeting TIP fans in these places if there is enough interest for it.

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