Frankfurt, Germany or Central Europe community


I'm curious if there are many others here near Frankfurt am Main, or in Germany overall. Or perhaps in the Central Europe region? If there are a few, we could consider having our own local events.

I'm based in Frankfurt, but the nature of the city is that it's a travel hub. So I'm happy to take the opportunity to travel to new and interesting places when the opportunity is there.

Let me know if anyone nearby is interested.

Aidan Sweeney


  • Hi Aidan,

    fantastic idea! I am located in Nuremberg and would surely be interested in a meeting in central europe.
    I took part in the recent TIP event in London - which is already much easier to reach than Omaha, USA, of course.
    But a meeting in Frankfurt or similar would be even better!


  • Hi all,

    I wanted to bring up again the idea to organise an event in Europe.
    It depends on the number/location of people or course.
    But the best idea would probably be a large airport hub in Europe - which is easy to reach for everyone.

    There was just recently the TIP event in London - this city would surely be an idea.
    Other possibilites would be Frankfurt, Amsterdam, maybe Paris.

    It would be great, if all interested people from europe could just shoot a message here - then we can continue
    the discussion, where and when to set up a meeting.


  • Hi Christoph,

    I noticed how Preston/Stig arrange and add-on event when the Berkshire meeting is on. That would be one way of doing it. If there was a good investment-related event which people might go to anyway, then having a European get-together as an add-on to it might work. Then people would have two reasons to make the trip.

    Alternatively if people share their travel plans for events and conferences in general, not necessarily investment-related, it would provide another opportunity. For example, I'll be in Bratislava in June for the Polyglot gathering, so I'd be happy to hear from any TIP fans in Bratislava.

    Occasionally I travel for conferences related to Web development and I'm interested in trying out other kinds of events, so I'm open to meeting TIP fans in these places if there is enough interest for it.

  • Hi all,

    Excellent idea! I would be definitely interested in a meeting. I currently live in Magdeburg, Germany. We might think about meeting in Berlin for example.

    I am an engineer and researcher, so I travel usually for conferences. I will be in Seattle the last week of May for ACC 2017 conference. If someone is interested, we could also meet there for a chat.

  • Guys,

    What a great idea! Berlin would be a great place. We have quite a few listeners in Germany, and It's very accessible for most people.

    Alternatively London of course.

    I think it depends on who wants to arrange it and which event we can go to. Are you up for it Christoph? I can think of a no better culture fit - and I know that I learn a lot from your stock analyses.

    I currently live in Seoul, but plan to move back to Aarhus (6 hours drive from Berlin) in the summer of 2018 and would love to be a part of it.

    I look forward to following the discussion.

  • Hi guys,

    sounds great - for me both London or Berlin are fine.
    Berlin is after all easier for me - but also to London I have a direct flight from Nuremberg.

    How do we proceed? I can check, if there are any interesting events. But what time do we talk about? Already in 2017 - or wait till 2018, when Stig returns? Of course we could also do both.



    P.S.: And something totally unrelated: I have finally managed to get at least started with my blog site.
    Not all exactly, how I want it - but ok for the beginning.
    You can find it under:

  • Hi Christoph,

    I've just added your blog to the team's page. to give you a broader exposure:

  • Hello Christoph, Aidan and everyone!

    I am based in Frankfurt Germany... I'd love to join a get-together... I am flexible... Frankfurt and Berlin are excellent choices of course!

  • Sounds great,
    lets make a plan!

  • Sounds like there's enough people in Germany interested in trying it out.

    I'm flexible on the date and location for the first get-together. Currently I plan to be in Frankfurt for the Summer, but I'm thinking about what might be a good Frankfurt event where we could get together as an add-on group.

    If for some reason we pushed it back to later in the year, I'll be in Berlin in November for ExpoLingua, so that's a possibility. I know that's not an investing event, but maybe Berlin is good for others at that time.

    Let me know your plans. In the meantime I'll keep an eye out for financial- and investing-events which we could join as a visiting group.
  • In my opinion we do not necessarily need an event. Some months ago we did a TiP-meeting in London - and here we just met in a pub and talked. And it was absolutely worth it from my opinion.

    it depends on the effort to come there. For me, Frankfurt is about 2 hours by train - so the effort is not high.
    If many people are nearby, then just meeting in a pub might do.


  • Guys,
    I think we should first decide on a date - where we meet (eg. Berlin or Frankfurt) should be the minor problem.
    For this I have createad Doodle-list. Please fill in the dates, where it is possible for you ( I only included Saturday and Sunday. And sorry that I am already quite booked ..). Let's give it a try:

    Would be amazing!

  • This is my first post on this forum, but I have been listening to TIP for a while.

    I live in Munich and would also be interested in joining :)
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    Hey guys!
    Great to see this post. We are already having several meetups in Frankfurt (tomorrow), Berlin (17. August), Munich (22. August) and Stuttgart (on Friday). Why don't you just join us there? Just join the group and mark your coming. Thanks!
  • To add: We are also hosting a bigger event for Value Investors in Stuttgart in October. We are already having a group of around 15 people. There is a good option to invite some of you to our event, if we can meet in person before or get to know your work better.
  • Hi Ebdem,

    great idea to join really!
    My proposal is to plan both things in parallel. Everyone that is interested, should go to your events.
    In parallel, we attempt to run the TIP meeting. Makes sense to all?


  • @Stig , @ebdem , @Salomon_A + all others,
    what about you? If you have a moment, could you please check the Doodle-site?

    Would be amazing to do that!


  • Christoph,

    I won't be able to make it since I'll take another year in Korea. I'll be moving back to Denmark July 2018, so I'll join you next year!

  • Hey christoph, thanks for the reply. I am honestly pretty busy with the meetups and the event in October, so I won't have time to join your meetings. I am still inviting you to join us and put all knowledge in one bowl. We are already having a nice infracstructure - but if you want to do your own thing, I am also fine with it.
  • @Frankfurt: I have updated by doodle dates. How do we best link up?
  • Great idea! For me Berlin would be better.
  • I've updated the doodle now, as there's one date in October I can't do. September seems to be good for everyone.

    For linking up, we'll need something other than the forum. We could use WhatsApp or Viber, and create and TIP Europe group. I'm happy to create that if the others use those.

    Alternatively we could always get in touch via direct email or social media if the others are comfortable sharing contact details. We wouldn't want to post them here, but we can direct message each other. Let me know which of these options are good for all of you, or if you have other ideas.

    There's one other thing I'd like to mention. Although I've lived in Germany for nearly 8 years now, I still have never been to Berlin. I would really love to see it, at least for a few days. As the rest of you seem to be happy with Berlin or Frankfurt, or slightly prefer Berlin, can I suggest Berlin as my preferred option? I'd love to have an excuse to visit it so that I can see it at least once.

    But I'm still open other other places if it works better for the rest of you.

    Please let me know which method of common communication is good for you.
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    Hi guys,

    amazing - so according to Doodle we should indeed aim for the weekend 23/24th September.
    For me Berlin is fine - everyone agrees?

    I would be happy to organise the event. I just checked and it seems that Berlin is already pretty full on this weekend - meaning that hotels are not exactly cheap. So here is an alternaitve idea: We could also take a 6-bed room in a hostel together. If we indeed do this, I suggest the following:
    Jugendgästehaus St.-Michaels-Heim
    (for more detiails see )
    I have already booked this preliminarily (can be cancelled without a problem or cost) - would be 200 euros together for 2 nights - 40 euros for everyone (assuming that we are 5 people).
    Of course not everyone might stay for 2 nights - but I can assume that some might take the chance and see a little of the city too. Then 2 nights might be better.

    This is just a crazy idea of course - we can all just take rooms ourselves and meet in the evening in a pub.
    The room I booked is very basic - basically just a bed for everyone.
    But maybe we could even book a room there for further dicscussions. I would have to ask.

    Please tell me what you think!

    This will be amazing!

  • one more thing: It would also be possible that just some of use sleep in this hostel.- while others stay somewhere else.
    So it would be good to know, who would be interested in staying there - and who wants privacy in a hotel.


  • I think a couple of the others are based in Berlin, or live near there, so they might not need accomodation.

    Personally I'd prefer a private room, but I'm happy to spend the weekend there and see some of the sights in Berlin. If any others are also visiting Berlin, I'm happy to do some touristy stuff together with them.
  • Hi guys,

    so I am thinking: Right now we are only 5 people planned for the Berlin meeting. Then it is always possible that 1 or 2 dont make it. And to meet in a group of 3 is maybe not so satisfying. Then there is the travel to Berlin, organisation...

    My suggestion is the following: As @ebdem had written before, they have regular meetings over meetup:

    I have attended one of these meetings in Munich recently and it was absolutely amazing! 9 or so people, all dedicated to value investing.
    I will also attend another meeting in Frankfurt on the 19th September. You could all also come there of course- but the date is a Tuesday, so this might be not so easy for you.

    But they also meet regularly in Berlin.

    Right now there is no meeting scheduled in Berlin - but I have just asked one of the organisers, if it might be possible to plan one in the near future. Preferably on Friday or the weekend. Then we could all just meet there.

    Would not be a TiP-meeting then - but for me the only important thing is to meet up with a group of knowledgeable fellow investors.

    What you think? I think that would be much easier than to organise an event by ourselves.


  • Hi Christoph,

    I live in Frankfurt, so for me it's easy to go to the meeting on the 19th. I just joined today and requested access to the Value Investors group. Assuming my request is approved, I'll see you on the 19th here in Frankfurt.

  • Hi @Aidan_Sweeney
    amazing! I am sure that your request will be approved - otherwise let me know and I talk to the organiser.

    So to make it clear again to everyone in this thread: We will NOT hold the meeting in Berlin on 23/24th September.

    Thanks to you all!

  • It's great you are joining our meetup meetings. There is also a meeting in Stuttgart available. This week a meetup in Berlin was planned for the 5th of october. You are still planning to come to berlin as a group, we can also think of a combined meeting.
  • FYI, there is a new event for the DACH region:
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