Any great ETF book suggestions?

Since i have been hearing that ETFs are the asset class of the future (according to Stig), what are great ETF books?


  • Hey man, "The Little Book of Common Sense Investing" by John C. Bogle was recommended by Preston and Stig in an earlier episode. I haven't read it yet myself but it's the next one on my list. All about index investing coming from the man who founded the Vangaurd Group
  • I read the book a while ago, and I would say it's worth a read. I don't remember it well, but he had some interesting stats about mutual fund performance vs etf performance. I found the book to be repetitive and didn't quite finish it. I was thinking "ok I've got it, I got the point! Now start talking about something new!" So I put it down after reading 90% of it. I got the point,he wasn't making any new arguments so I put it down and called it finished. Still worth a read though
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