As a value investor how do you guys feel about CVS? I feel like overall they are strong financially and have continuously created a profit. Also their Leadership is strong and have been able to change their business model even with the changing times in healthcare regulations. I feel they are sustainable and right now at a reasonable price.



  • Cvs will have further to drop in 2017 I would listen to the next call. Competition in the pbm market has carved cvs-Caremark from several other pbm networks. You will learn more when Jan and Feb comps come in for the quarter. Perhaps Caremark should be spun off to unlock value and get cvs ''the retailer'' back in these crucial networks. The pbm-retail model was once helping cvs drive customers to the stores now it is hurting the company. Pbm might also come under federal scrutiny over drug pricing driving the stock down further. A lot of near term head winds.
  • Thanks for the heads up!
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