SENSEX Roaul Pal

Mr Pal mentioned that investing in SENSEX was a good idea. According to his forecasting report India Stack and Mobile technology are playing a big part in his reasoning. Does anyone know which companies are considered a value stock for this particular market? Which ones are leading the way for this infrastructure breakthrough?


  • I don't other than what Mr. Pal mentioned, which were banks and telco, I was thinking about either INDY or INDA ETFs. The INDY tracks the Nifty index, which is the top 50 Indian equities a INDA tracks the MSCI index. I took at look at both and their very similar. INDA has a much larger market cap, 4.8B vs 826 million, and it also has a lower expense ratio, .71% vs .94% with a higher dividend rate as well. So based on that, I'd say INDA is the way to go if you want exposure to India's emerging markets. I know the question was "which" companies, but my interpretation of the article and the podcast was India as a whole is a buy, so I'd argue an ETF is the best way to get diversified exposure without getting crushed by fees.
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