Australian (ASX) equities

Hey guys, my name is Ryan McCormick. I realise contemporary investing is not just isolated to ones geographical location, and I personally am particularly interested in global stocks (including US equities). I am by no means any kind of expert on Australian stocks, however, I am more than happy to provide any useful information people may need in regard to ASX listed equities. The reason for this is that I personally have a keen interest in US and global stocks, but find good qualitative information on particular stocks/sectors outside of Australia hard to come bye. I realise in todays interconnected world quantitative information can be found every where, but nothing beats boots on the ground observation. So, I am happy to help (where possible) anyone seeking a more localised- qualitative view on Australian (ASX) stocks, and in return I may shoot a couple of US centric questions your way.

Cheers Guys.


  • Hey Longytap,
    I'm trying to make a list of top quality Australian stocks for when prices become undervalued. In your opinion, which stocks do you believe to keep an eye on in a market correction?
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