Australian (ASX) equities

Hey guys, my name is Ryan McCormick. I realise contemporary investing is not just isolated to ones geographical location, and I personally am particularly interested in global stocks (including US equities). I am by no means any kind of expert on Australian stocks, however, I am more than happy to provide any useful information people may need in regard to ASX listed equities. The reason for this is that I personally have a keen interest in US and global stocks, but find good qualitative information on particular stocks/sectors outside of Australia hard to come bye. I realise in todays interconnected world quantitative information can be found every where, but nothing beats boots on the ground observation. So, I am happy to help (where possible) anyone seeking a more localised- qualitative view on Australian (ASX) stocks, and in return I may shoot a couple of US centric questions your way.

Cheers Guys.


  • Hey Longytap,
    I'm trying to make a list of top quality Australian stocks for when prices become undervalued. In your opinion, which stocks do you believe to keep an eye on in a market correction?
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    Hey mate, my top 10 quality ASX stocks to accumulate on any weakness would be as follows. CSL, RHC, CBA, MQG, SYD, TCL, CGF, TPG, ALL and SOL. Obviously, check the fundementals, TPG offers the best value ATM and is trading near 52 week lows due to short term issues, which have been wildly overblown. In my view, The long term story for TPG remains intact and robust. Sorry for the late reply, I'm happy to help.. Ryan.
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