What is the formula of intrinsic value of a stock?

Hello sir, I really enjoyed the videos of 2 courses I have seen till now and was really thankful to you for the work you are doing and that too without any cost. I know sir that this question might have been asked from you so many times as I was going through the previous questions but was unable to find the answer. So please it would be really helpful for me to know the exact formula of intrinsic value calculation. Thank you


  • It's in Prestons Warren Buffet books. Don't have it at hand
  • Thnkx for the reply.but i dont have that book(prestons warren buffet books),,,so can you please tell me from where else i can get that formula.....
  • thats a power 10 in the end of the equation

  • Hi there,

    As far as I'm aware this is the formula used for the DCF calculation.


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