Intrinsic value course

Has anyone purchased the intrinsic value course? I'm really interested in the content but unsure about the length, level of detail etc. It seems to be more expensive than the other courses. On a public school salary, I would like to be more sure prior to potentially purchasing. Any feedback / reviews that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.


  • Well I've thought about buying it as well to see what other it might offer aside from whats on this forum and in there books. At least they offer your money back if your not satisfied with the content. Not that mich of a risk.
  • Is the Intrinsic Value Course available? I would also like to take it, but when I click "Take Class", it says "our course is almost done", so I assume they are still designing it?
  • I'm planning on taking this course as well. Is there any news on when it will be available?

    $299 is generally above what I'd pay for a web class but I've gotten so much value from this site that I think I need to pay some of that back.

    Also, do the main site and the forums have different login accounts?
  • I've been thinking about it too, but wasn't overly pleased with the value of the ETF course. Their books, along with the Warren Buffet Investing videos series I felt were spot on in terms of value for the money (and very well done). The ETF course wasn't at that level of quality, and so I've been hesitant about the IV course (it is a lot to layout for something like that).
  • Hi Nick (again),
    I would suggest that you might like to look at Professor Damodaran's site. He teaches Valuation at NYU. All of his stuff is free. It is just like being enrolled at the school. There are videos of his lectures, etc. He even provides a tool kit for use in valuing companies. It is a fantastic site & well worth spending time looking at it.
    Best regards,
  • Rob, brilliant, Damodaran's site is very helpful and just what I was looking for. Thank you very much.

  • I'm a big Damodaran fan and my biggest takeaway from his valuation course is that valuation is not a science, it's not an art but rather a craft. The only way to perfect your craft is practice. Each time you value a company you learn something new.
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