Where does one find information about Asset Backed Securities traded by specific institutions?

If I were a Canadian and concerned about the banking system, largely in regards to the liabilities (mortgages, credit and car loans) that are on their books, where can I go to find out some of the specifics of this information. Specifically, I'm curious to dive into some of the details on the asset backed securities (ABS) that may or may not have been turned into credit default swaps by some of our lovely institutions up here. I have no idea who I could ask or where I could go to even start the dive into this information. My concern is largely centered around Canada being stupid enough to follow suit with the USA's CDO events central to the 2008 crisis. I wouldn't put it past the big 5 banks up here to engage in something similar to the USA while taking a 'Not In My Back Yard' approach to making money...

Does anybody know if the details of the underlying ABS are public information and if they are, where to begin a search for them?

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