The Investor’s Podcast is looking for a freelance equity writer

As freelance equity writer for The Investors Podcast, you will be writing articles on stocks primarily in the S&P500. Using our template, your article is required to cover:
• Intrinsic value calculations
• Opportunity cost
• Macro factors
• Competitive advantage
• Risk Factors

The article should be between 1,500 -2,500 words and will be compensated by $50 per article. We expect 2 articles per week. Here is an example:

The only requirement aside from being a skilled equity writer is that you’re an avid listener of The Investor’s Podcast and like everyone on the TIP team always strive to grow your knowledge every day.

To apply for the position, please send a sample article of the 5 points mentioned above to or simply send your nick name from the forum.


  • Hi @Stig
    sounds surely interesting - both for me and in general.

    One concern I have: 2 articles per week is pretty much. I mean - this would be over 100 articles - and therefore 100 stocks - in one year! Besides the pretty big effort - are there really 100 interesting stocks in the S&P 500 that one could write about?
    I am happy to know 10 or so. And who would really read 100 stock articles within a year?

    Besides that, surely great idea!


  • Hi Christoph,

    Great question. So 2 articles per week might be too much. The reasons for the high number are multiple:

    1) We're publishing on several platforms (Forbes, Yahoo, Finance, etc. and we are not always allowed to put them more places. So for one week, it could be 2 articles about the same stock.

    2) We would like to have the stocks on our site as resources (like we have the book summaries). So for instance, if we have Apple Inc. and we find it to be overvalued, well... that means that it's not a buying opportunity. Yes, it might get fewer readers, but if that is what the writer means that is how it is. I would hate to facilitate analyses with stocks that are always undervalued. 99.9% of Wall Street is doing that, and they know it's wrong too. Clearly, it would make sense to start with undervalued stocks, but we can't do that for too long with the current market conditions.

    Clearly, TIP would be thrilled if you would take on that task. I know you are super busy, but Is that something you would consider?

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    Hi @Stig,

    I too may be interested in submitting an article for appraisal.

    You mention that you would like the articles to primarily focus on S&P500 companies, what percentage of the articles would you want to cover the S&P500 and what other markets would be suitable to refer to, OTC markets, LSE, Europe, Asia etc?

    Also, in the list of criteria you mention Macro factors, I'm interested to know why this is included as the Value Investing approach tends to avoid speculation on macro factors due to the near infinite number of variables at play. Warren Buffett has gone on record in the past to state that Macro economic factors have never played a decision in his or Charlie's investment process. Would you see this as something which was mainly applicable to cyclicals or is it something that you think is important for any company being evaluated?. My own opinion is that whilst macro factors are not of primary importance when conducting analysis on a company, we must primarily focus our attention on the fundamentals of the company in question, they must be at least considered. For example any credit/commodities cycles(Banks, Insurance,Oil&Gas etc) creative destruction(Print media and Newspapers), foreign low cost labour (Dexter Shoes and Berkshire Hathaway spring to mind!) etc should at the least be noted as they may materially impact revenues and cash flows. Whilst Buffett has stated that macro factors are not part of his investment process he also stated it was a mistake to not consider the impact of low cost foreign labour when investing in Dexter Shoes. Perhaps this is a case where what Buffett says in public and what he thinks in private differs somewhat.



  • Hi @Anaximander,

    1) So the reason I would like to target the S&P500 is that 60% of our listeners are from the US, and of those most people are interested in the biggest companies. A lot of the traffic we get is organic. In other words, people find us because we have a popular title. That is also why we read the most popular books and write executive summaries.

    That being said it might be slightly different for stocks. People like to read about Apple because many people own the stock, but our audience also wants good buying opportunities. So to answer you question, please feel free to analyze non-US stocks if they can be traded in the US (typically through an ADR). As long as there is value to gain. I think it should be a mix between S&P500 it 60-70% and then 30-40% outside.

    2) About the macro economic factors. I'm torn about this. As you likely know I personally don't put too much emphasis on macro economic factors, but it is and should be a huge part of the show, and we would like that to be reflected in the articles. That being said I think the cycles you mention is a good way to include that from a more value investing perspective.

    Both Preston and me would be thrilled if you would like to write for TIP. I know that in your position the $50 might not motivate you, but if you think that we can make it up to you one way or the other, please let me know.

    Please let me know if you're interested and I can set up with the template/excel sheet/graphs that we're using for analyses (you only need to copy paste the numbers). While you should also feel free to freestyle, we would like to have a somewhat fixed general outline in the articles to ease the readability.


  • @christoph and @Anaximander

    I know you are both super busy, but if you are interested, you could also both commit to one article per week instead of two as I originally posted. For the TIP audience, I think it would create even more value if both of you contributed. We would hire you guys on the spot being the two best contributors/administrators in the forum, and have been for a long time.
  • I would be interested in writing the articles. It's something I do as a hobby already. I have a sample I'll email to you.

  • Hi @Stig

    great, one article per week I would be gladly willing to do.
    Some points that would need discussing:
    -In Preston's TGT-article he included several graphs. Honestly, I am not sure how to easily create these. Is that all part of the template?
    -Regarding the macro perspective I share a little Anaximander's concern. Macro is usually not really part of my approach when evaluating stocks. Sure, I can include something - but in Preston's article he wrote about the general macro perspective. Basically, we could all just copy what Preston wrote and include it in our thesis - but this is obviously not what is intended.
    My point is : Macro economics considers the complete economical picture. And this is pretty much the same for all stocks. If we write that US unemployment is low - then this affects the whole economy and therefore all stocks. Not sure, what I could write that is relevant specifically for a stock that I examine. Okey, for a retail stock I might write that incomes are depressed, which lowers consumption. But is this really macro?

    -Would it be possible that I include a link on my personal blog-site referencing the articles I wrote?

    I would be very happy to contribute:-)

    Thanks so much for all!

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    Hi @Stig

    I too would be delighted to submit one article per week, if you decide at some future point you require more content I'm sure I can write more. We can discuss this and make arrangements via Email if you like.

    Hi @christoph

    It's probably worth us letting each other know which companies we are reviewing each week so we don't inadvertently select the same stock, although the probablility is low given the universe of stocks we are drawing from it's best not to temp fate. I look forward to reading your articles as I greatly value your knowledge and analysis!


  • Hi @christoph and @anaximander,

    This is fantastic!

    I'm gonna send you an email later today with more details, a discussion about macro, and the template that you refer to Christoph.

  • Is these analysis posted here on TIP? IF not they should be in some section. I have missed many of them
  • @Ecofreedom

    The equity reports can be found in the TIP Intrinsic Value Index here;


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