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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a fast way to find book value/share for the past 10 years of different companies -- like Preston did with Disney in his lessons. Is there a website that will show all that data (I'm subscribed to Morningstar, but can't find that data quickly -- other than doing the math myself)?

Thanks very much!


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    Hi there,

    You can find 10yr BV per share data if you click the key ratios tab for a company on morningstar.


  • Hi David,

    You have answered some of my other questions so I thought I would put this to you please although to be fair someone else answered this question on another post but I am still having issues.

    My question is really the same as Michael's as all I am trying to do it follow the lessons from the books but I continuously have the same issues and it is looking at the past ten year of information. It did start to work on Morning Star US but they now want me to register with an address in the US but I cannot as I am in the UK,Morning Star UK wants me to pay for the premium service just to view this. I realise not everything is free but surely it shouldn't be this difficult as I am sure not everyone has a paid service on here?

    I jump up early every Sunday to start learning but getting going is becoming frustrating with such minor things.

    Any help appreciated asap.

    Thank you

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    Hi Mark,

    It appears to be working for me and I'm based in the UK too;

    If you click on the key ratios tab on a stock quote it should bring up the 10 year data for book value, FCF etc.

    Give it a try and let me know if you are still having problems.


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