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What are answers for a company selling at 9cents per share and has P/E of 43. Is it still high?
Am still trying to get my head around the fact that a P/E of 15 is good. I happened to bump to a stock exchange priced in cents. One of the company with market cap of 1bn is priced at 9cents just as I was surface browsing I noticed it has a pe of 43 and PBV of 2. Anyone with an idea of what will be going on?


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    Yes I know what's going on...you think it is possible to talk about investing in a company only knowing the ttm p/E and p/b....it is not...
  • 77 thanks for your great response. Basically my question is on the novelty of a different stock exchange that is not in United States of America. Am sure you know that before looking at the matrices of Market capital, P/E, P/BV, Liquidity, vigilance, ROE, times interest, and all other methods to establish the standing of the company in subject, you can simply look at how much each dollar of the company is sold. Therefore I happened to see it at 43 but the market price is at $1.56- in fact every company is priced in cents. My question is that do the same laws apply when stocks are priced in dollars and when they are priced in cents?
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    not sure I got the question right...if you mean for the same laws...what p/e and p/b represent yes...but beware (I do not if that is the case or if it is pertinent to your question) that if you look at stock priced in a currency but that have reports in another currency you could find discrepancy...also for stocks priced in pound you could find wrong numbers...
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    What's your analysis on this P/E & P/BV versus the price of this company? Note the price is in USD Cents.

    10.00 / 11.11%
    YEAR TO DATE 233.33%
    52 WEEK CHANGE 194.11%
    SALES 100.00
    VALUE US$7,242.00
    VOLUME 7,242
    MARKET CAP US$1,596,830,236
    SHARES ISSUED 1,596,830,236
    SECTOR Technology
    EXCHANGE Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
    ISIN ZW 000 901 212 2
    YEAR LISTED 1998
    YEAR END February
    P/E 37.03
    DIV. YIELD 0.460%
    EPS US(c) 2.70
    P/B RATIO 2.30
    EV / EBITDA 36.02
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  • Thanks a lot normgrib for your response, I really appreciate it.
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