Berkshire Annual Meeting 2018


This is the best place to ask your questions about attending the 2018 annual meeting.




  • Anyone want to join forces to rent an AirBNB?
  • AirBNB options seem to be going fast, so I went ahead and got one:

    If you're (1) a positive-minded value-investor with a sense of humor and (2) looking for a place to stay in Omaha from Fri-Sun (2 nights) for the Berkshire meeting (May 4-6), send me a message. It comes out $100/person at this nice AirBNB house with strong reviews. There are 5 separate beds in the house.
  • Hi, I am attending the Berkshire meeting for the first time this year.
    It would be great to stay with an experienced shareholder.
    Could you tell me what the transportation options are like?
    How do you plan to get from this airbnb place to the CenturyLink Center?

    Many thanks.
  • TitCatTaka, hey I am far from what you would call an "experienced shareholder." I am a "home-gamer" who reads a lot. I'm planning on using Uber/Lyft to get around that weekend. This place is 5 minutes from CenturyLink.
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    Hey Everyone! First post on the forum and I am super excited to be apart of the community and about going to Omaha for the first time. I am interested in renting an AirBnB with a group and I would also need a credential. I am in the process of looking at flights and I would be flying out of Washington D.C.

  • Hey Michael, I've got spots in the AirBNB I rented. You're welcome to join. See my post above.
  • @DurhamNC Awesome! Yes I would like to join in.
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    @DurhamNC Thanks for the reply!
  • Flying in from London to join you guys for the weekend. May be a little jet lagged but see you all at 4:50am ready for a fantastic 36 hours.
  • I am wanting to attend this year and hopefully kickstart my foray into investing/finance, and my boss is likely coming along as well.

    Would I be able to create an online trading account just for the purpose of buying a share and then contact Berkshire at the given number in the ‘How to attend’ post and request the credentials that way in order to get them by May?
  • DurhamNC or others ... do any of you still have beds to spare from AirBNB
  • DurhamNC or others ... do any of you still have beds to spare from AirBNB
  • @DurhamNC myself and another first time attendee have booked our flights and had an AirBNB rented but then they cancelled on us. Anyone have any room/interest in splitting with him and I? Were both first timers but would love to spend the time with fellow investors! If any interest, please contact me and we can work out the details. Thanks!

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    Hello Everyone,

    My buddy and I are first time attendee's, and we just booked an AirBnB that is a 8 minute drive to/from CenturyLink. It says it sleeps four so we have room for two more guests if anyone is interested. We are both 25 years old and graduated from pharmacy school this past year. We consider ourselves value investors in training and have been following Preston and Stig for slightly over two years now.

    Here is a link to the room:

    Please reach out and we can set up some other forms of communication. If we get four people, the total cost would be 207/person.

  • Hi everyone,

    I was originally planning on attending, however, there is a strong possibility I will no longer be able to go. I currently have a room booked Friday-Sunday at the Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites Council Bluffs - Conv Ctr, with two Queen beds.
    Price breakdown
    2 nights $299.95 /night
    Taxes & fees:
    Total: $671.90

    The room is non-refundable, so my goal is to transfer the reservation name to someone else for $300. This price is definitely negotiable. If anyone is interested, let me know.
  • Hey everyone,

    I am traveling to the event alone and would enjoy staying with fellow community members. I myself am 23 years old and just getting my feet wet in the world of investing, but I'm looking forward to meeting likeminded people and learning a lot over the weekend. I would be happy to stay with either @DurhamNC or @kochdr, if one of you still have an opening. Also, I live within driving distance of Omaha so I'll have my car in which I can give rides in.
  • Hello everyone - I am planning my road trip to Omaha - hope to finalize some plans in the next two or three weeks!
    I live in SE PA; near Reading, PA.. Leaving very early Friday morning about 3 AM and doing the 16 + hour drive in one shot - getting to Omaha in the evening - then ready to Rock and Roll - ALL DAY Saturday! Will definitely need to 'sleep in' Sunday - leave then along the way home stay at a hotel for a rest and return sometime Monday!
    Let me know of any interest - Paul
  • CMac,

    No need to buy a share. Just show up, and the TIP community will give you a pass to the shareholder meeting :)

    See you there!

  • Hi everyone, I am a first-timer wanting to come to the shareholder meeting this year. I am hoping to get some advice from the group.

    Does the group normally fly in on Friday and depart on Sunday? I am hoping to join one of the AirBnB group or the 402 Hotel. It would be easier to have a somewhat similar itinerary.

    What is there to do/see in Omaha other than the shareholder meeting if I can't book the fly out on Sunday?

    Thanks much

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    Hello, everyone, I am travelling from London and hoping to attend the shareholder meeting this year, I am hoping to stay with the group, I am wondering if there is still any spare space left in the airbnb? Thank you @DurhamNC @kochdr
  • Hi everybody,

    I am a newbie here! :)

    Really looking forward to participating in the shareholder meeting, this year's will be my first one. I will be travelling to Omaha from Munich, Germany, and I will be arriving a little early - on May 2nd in the evening. Already last year I booked a room at the Marriott Courtyard, the hotel opposite to the Century Link Arena. My room has two king-size beds, so if any fellow investor would be interested in sharing the room (and reduce the costs), that would be great.

    Looking forward to meeting you guys!

  • My wife and I will be travelling to Omaha on 2/MAY/18 from Panama City, Panama. We are staying at the Staybridge Suites Omaha (7825 Davenport Street). It's a little further from Century Link than we would like but it fit our budget and seems like a decent hotel. I believe there are still rooms available.

    The only thing that worries me is getting the passes on time - I am still trying to figure that out considering my brokerage accounts are held in Canada and need to get them sent here to Panama. I'll follow the instructions as presented on the TIP website.

    We are really excited to be attending the event and meeting other community members! Thank you Preston and Stig for organizing and keeping us informed!

  • Hi everyone!
    I'm a 30 year old investments enthusiast and business owner, and I'm flying in from Norway from 3rd to 7th of May. Are there someone here who would like to share an apartment? It would be much more fun to stay with a part of the TIP community during the event!
    Eivind Kallevik
  • Hi!

    My name is Charles from Singapore and I’d love to join you guys. However, there’s no brokerage in Singapore that could help me to get the pass. Is there anyone here have extra pass to spare?

    Charles Wong
  • @Stig and @PrestonPysh,

    For the Friday night dinner, it says, "if you signed up." How do we sign up? Sorry if it's somewhere obvious and I just missed it. If anyone else knows, please share.

    Thank You!

  • @PrestonPysh @Stig

    I haven't bought any stock yet, once i buy Stock b , how can i get the passes. Do i have to contact my broker. The process mentioned on the Berkshire meeting page seem to be only for existing share holders. Thank you for the help.

    This may help. Information about credentialing. Looks like it wont be available until mid March.
  • I am beyond excited . I convinced a friend to attend with me.looking forward to meeting everyone
  • Hello, does anyone hold Berkshire in a UK share account? I do and my online broker (Hargreaves) says they cannot submit my application for passes as the shares are listed in the US. Does anyone know a way to get around this issue? I would really love to go this year.
  • Guys,

    I understand your frustration if you have a hard time getting the credentials. Whenever I called my broker, they had no clue about what to do (because no one asks them the questions).

    Perhaps someone in here has gone with us before? As far as I remember we had 60 to spare or so even after people coming to the meeting without credentials took quite a few. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    Of course, I can't promise that we will have enough, but I'd be highly surprised if we don't have extras. Everyone typically gets send 4, and since most people go alone (including me), or bring just 1 person, we always have more than we need.

    In other words, this is my way of saying that please do not let the lack of credentials be the reason why you won't go. It's typically the least of your worries. Rather you should consider booking hotel (Preston and I stay at hotel 402) and flights out there since that is the real bottleneck.

    Hope to see you out there!

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