Berkshire Annual Meeting 2018


This is the best place to ask your questions about attending the 2018 annual meeting.



  • Anyone want to join forces to rent an AirBNB?
  • AirBNB options seem to be going fast, so I went ahead and got one:

    If you're (1) a positive-minded value-investor with a sense of humor and (2) looking for a place to stay in Omaha from Fri-Sun (2 nights) for the Berkshire meeting (May 4-6), send me a message. It comes out $100/person at this nice AirBNB house with strong reviews. There are 5 separate beds in the house.
  • Hi, I am attending the Berkshire meeting for the first time this year.
    It would be great to stay with an experienced shareholder.
    Could you tell me what the transportation options are like?
    How do you plan to get from this airbnb place to the CenturyLink Center?

    Many thanks.
  • TitCatTaka, hey I am far from what you would call an "experienced shareholder." I am a "home-gamer" who reads a lot. I'm planning on using Uber/Lyft to get around that weekend. This place is 5 minutes from CenturyLink.
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    Hey Everyone! First post on the forum and I am super excited to be apart of the community and about going to Omaha for the first time. I am interested in renting an AirBnB with a group and I would also need a credential. I am in the process of looking at flights and I would be flying out of Washington D.C.

  • Hey Michael, I've got spots in the AirBNB I rented. You're welcome to join. See my post above.
  • @DurhamNC Awesome! Yes I would like to join in.
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