The Intrinsic Value of Express Scripts (ESRX)

Hi guys,

I recently wrote an analysis of ESRX with @David. You can find it here:

We found the expected return to be around 9%.

You can also check out all the intrinsic value assessments I've written with Preston, @Christoph, and @David here at our new Intrinsic Value Index:

I'm looking forward to the discussion!



  • Like it... it’s been on my radar for a bit. Everyone is panicking due to Amazon’s supposed plans to break into the space...

    Also drug prices in the US are crazy.. In the UK we get things for a couple of pounds what the Americans pay hundreds or thousands for.. I don’t know if these guys would suffer if drug prices began to be heavily regulated but my inclination is to say that somehow they would..

    Fairly cheap and seems to be growing quickly..

    Competitors are merging though for ? protection..?

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