Enterprise Blockchain; the next industrial revolution: Resources and a pick

Gartner (the world’s leading research and advisory company) sent me some company webinars on block-chain and technology markets. The potential opportunity for the practical use of blockchain technology in all industries is truly riveting. Here is a link to a fantastic Webinar; Blockchain: How Real Is The Market? ( http://www.gartner.com/webinar/3607520 ) One industry in particular took my interest: Transportation and Logistics. The amount of problems this technology could solve for the businesses in this industry is astonishing. Within 5 years, startups creating integrated platforms that streamline logistical processes will be worth billions. "Imagine a fully integrated system across the entire supply chain, from the moment a shipment leaves the factory, to the final delivery on the customer's doorstep; federated in trustless, transparent blockchain contracts." One company in particular (also the only company creating this technology) is called ShipChain (https://shipchain.io/)
They are having an ICO this January 2018 and are looking for pre-sale investors. They are already working directly with Purdue's logistics infrastructure and are expanding rapidly. Please read their Whitepaper. You will be blown away by the information.

For whoever reads and listens to this information please comment some thoughts, questions and opinions about the direction of the bockchain market and other ideas for potential opportunities. I see potential long and short term value in this and it has only just begun.

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Enjoy :)
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