Need a good starting book about Investment - Index funds

Hello Everyone,

I'm a new person in the forum and I'm would like to learn about Index Funds, ETFs and stocks picks, etc. I started listening to the investor podcast about a month ago and I ENJOY listing to it. Preston and Stig explain everything so well and they have great real life examples/stories that make the podcast even better. I always wanted to learn about investing but I couldn't find a good starting point. Sometimes I wish i took some business/investing classes back in college but engineering took must of my time. Btw, I'm a mechanical designer - waiting 3 more years to take my PE and become a Licenses Engineer. I graduated from ECU with a engineering degree w/ a concentration in Biomedical engineering. Also, I'm 27 year old and as I mentioned I would like to get involve in Investing.

Anyways, What starting book do you guys recommend to learn about Index fund or stocks? I know in the podcast they have mentioned a variety of books but I thought I will come to the forum and ask.

Thanks for your time!

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    A Random Walk Down Wall St by Nobelist. B. Markiel

    I am a PE, PhD, biochemical engineer. MIT. A bit older than you. 50+ years in the stock market.
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    My personal favourites:
    What Works on Wall Street -James O’Shaugnessy
    The Intelligent Investor- Benjamin Graham
    Quantitative Value -Wesley Grey
    The Zulu Principle-Jim Slater
    Quantitative Momentum- Wesley Grey
    Predicting the Markets of Tomorrow-James O’Shaugnessy
    Beating the Street-Peter Lynch
    One up on Wall Street-Peter Lynch
    You Can Be a Stock Market Genius: Uncover the Secret Hiding Places of Stock Market - Joel Greenblatt

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    For ETFs specifically:
    Unconventional Success - David Swensen
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