VIX Spike

Hey everyone so the VIX is up 115% today and was below 10 just a month ago. Does anyone know if it has spiked like this before and then gone back down? I've also heard a ton about all of the financial institutions that have been shorting volatility and heard how an increase in volatility could cause the unwinding of a lot of these levered short volatility trades. Does anyone know how this might be impacting the short volatility trade and how this might begin unwinding?



  • For anyone looking to learn more about volatility there is this Real Vision podcast in which they go into it.


    I know I've heard Kyle Bass talk a lot about the low vol trade that a lot of institutions have taken on in a lot of his interviews. I can't remember if there is a TIP podcast on what's been going on with volatility but I can't think of one in which Preston and Stig went into it off the top of my head right now.
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