Apple Buy

Apple pays a 5% dividend and trades at 10.6 times earnings.
Nuff said...


  • Where are you getting the 10.6 P/E? My calculation has the P/E around ~18. I do agree that Apple is looking tempting. It is on my radar.
  • I heard the 10.6 figure on Bloomberg.

    I see 14.62 here for 2018 PE..

  • Instead of guessing and checking unreliable sources, I would strongly advise to only use the primary source - the results reported by Apple directly on its investor relations site!
    According to their last 4 10-Qs, their eps were $2.73 + $3.89 + $2.07 + $1.67 = $10.38
    The current quarterly dividend is $0.73, so 4* $0.73 = $2.92 annualised

    As of today, 14th May 2018, the stock prize is $188.59.
    This gives us a P/E of 18.17
    and a dividend yield of 1,55 %.

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    What you have calculated is called the Trailing PE...if you want an estimated PE based on an average earnings estimates go here...

    Estimated PE is 13.52 for 2020.
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