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Hi Everyone

For the past couple years I wanted to learn to be a value investor but i now started to do things to move into that direction. I am currently studying Financial Management in University. I also started the podcast from episode 1 I am now on episode 60 i plan to catch up soon. Also I am doing the how to invest in stocks on buffet books. I plan to buy Stigs Intelligent Investor course when I am finish with the buffet books course. The Books I read and are going to read in this order are Financial Statements: A Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding, Creating Financial Reports, Reading Financial Reports For Dummies,The Intelligent Investor,The Intelligent Investor Summary book,Security Analysis and Security Analysis Summary. I just need to know if i am on the right part to being the best value investor I can be.

Daniel Chasseau


  • Hello Daniel,

    I would start with the Intelligent Investor. When I started reading it, I couldn't put it down! Also if you are taking Stigs course I would say it's just going to reinforce what you have learned through reading the book. I haven't taken his course but I imagine is just quality all around, like how they do their podcasts. I'm too in my path to value investing mastery!

    Also check out this guy...his name is Aswath Damodaran. He is a professor at Stern Business school in New York. He has his undergraduate and mba classes on corporate finance and valuation on his website for free. This guy is a beast!

    Hope that help!

  • Thank you Yoshi
  • Sorry for pointing out the obvious - but why dont you start with the 45 free videos from Preston here on
    ? That taught me all I needed to get going.

    Besides, I would have a look at the book "The five rules for successful stock investing" from Pat Dorsey. Amazing.


  • @christoph

    How long have you've been a value investor? If your first experience was through the buffettsbook.com website, I would assume not many years..if that is true I'm just blown away! Your level of analysis is in another league.
  • @christoph im almost finish with the course ty
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